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The Urban Triathlon at the Big Weekender

When we started to plan the Big Weekender 2017 we decided that we wanted to add something completely different. Something we’d never done before. Something that encompassed our ethos of mind and body goodness.

And then we had our lightbulb moment – to get together with our sister studio Cyclebeat and create our Hot Yoga Society version of an Urban Triathlon.

As we’re a friendly bunch, this is about a group experience and is definitely not a race. This is all about you, your body and your mind. We’ve designed this Triathlon to enable you to stretch yourself physically and mentally as you work through the three events.

While the focus of the triathlon is the three events – cycling, running and yoga – we’ve added additional events at the start and the end that we think will enhance your experience and performance.

To get you warmed up and ready for the main triathlon we are starting with a Pete Mac “Hot Core, Abs and Glute Blast” in the new Hot Yoga Society Bubble at Cyclebeat.

Then the Urban Triathlon proper will start with a 35min indoor cycling (AKA spinning) class at Cyclebeat. An energetic ride, with a leading instructor, ‘Punk’ Andy, to the beat of a fantastic soundtrack.

A quick change into your running shoes and you’ll then be off on a 5K run led by RunYogaRun. You’ll run through some of the most iconic streets in The City ending up at the Hot Yoga Society studio in London Bridge.

The Triathlon ends with a 90 minute Bikram Method yoga class lead by the fantastic Cintra. Don’t worry if you’ve not tried a Bikram method class before – Cintra is the perfect guide through the postures. We promise she’ll have you laughing as you sweat.

Finally, we’ve added a relaxing Yoga Nidra (meditation) session to the end of the event. While it’s optional, we encourage you to stay in the hot room for this relaxing 30 minute session – it will be a treat after all that hard work.

Book your place on this unique Urban Triathlon now.

Full details and joining instructions will be sent to all those booked in a few days before the event.


stay happy and healthy!