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top ten tips on how to ‘rise and shine’ yourself to early morning classes

Hopefully you have seen or heard about all our dedicated members getting out of bed extra early to practice regular 6.45am classes each morning classes as part of our Rise and Shine Challenge this month.

You may never have thought this could be you, setting your alarm at some ungodly hour but finishing your yoga practice before the day even begins and feeling fantastic for it!

Tempted? We talked to Radka, one of our dedicated early challengers and she shared her top tips


My *ten top tips* on how to Rise and Shine with a smile

1/ kinda obvious, but let me say it: early to bed, early to rise…

2/ have a reason to get up with a smile

If *Yoga* is not enough, I’m sure I can come up with more – like,getting fit / getting your practice out of the way first thing / bikini body… whatever rocks your boat 😉

3/ have your alarm *sing* to you – not yell at you

(unless U like that kinda thin’)

4/ don’t rush your morning

I’m sticking to (at least some of) my morning routine – slow coffee etc

5/ get your stuff ready the day before

Whatever brain-power U can master at five AM – don’t waste it on packing

6/ make the journey fun

Early mornings are great for Boris biking – roads are relatively quiet & so I can actually *enjoy* my city ride

7/ appreciate something different – the peace and quiet within this mad city, a sunrise, birds singing…

One day you’ll grow to love 5am

8/ the class … hmmm… more space around you, more dedication radiating towards you from other (mad) morning yogis

It’s different & I much prefer early mornings to eve classes tbh

9/ ride on that Good Feeling for as long as U can – brag about it to your mates, or keep it secret … whatever U fancy. The buzz is yours – do with it as U please

10/ come back for another early one 😉

stay happy and healthy!