Sweat yourself Amazing

Everyone at the Hot Yoga Society has their own goals and reasons for getting sweaty with us every week. Some want to lose weight or de-stress…some need to get focused or recover from injuries – the list goes on!

The important thing to remember is that, whatever your goal, we’re all in it together.

The Hot Yoga Society is here to make sure you Sweat Yourself Amazing…. and that’s why our “Sweat Yourself” wall takes pride of place in the studio. This is a place to set your goals and make sure you reach them…by looking yourself in the eye on every visit and keeping yourself motivated!

Our member Charlotte explains it better than we could. She says “This campaign really has been motivating. Seeing all the pictures and commitments made me realise that everyone has a certain goal to achieve.” While Cartier says that “I find it great that having my embarrassingly, sweaty picture on the yoga wall of fame ironically inspires me to be free, not care and embrace myself.”

We love hearing the stories behind our members’ Sweat Yourself commitments. We’re sharing some here to help inspire you to find your Sweat Yourself commitment and get your photo on the wall on your next visit in the studio.

Sweat Yourself Amazing – you won’t regret it!

sweat yourself...

join our sweat yourself wall

speak to a member of staff at reception and get your challenge on!

stay happy and healthy!