Tammy was a total gym rat and didn’t think anything would tear her away from her kettlebell and spinning sessions… until a couple of friends suggested Bikram yoga.  Having tried it two years previously, Tammy was sceptical, but decided to go every day of her intro offer and was amazed at the immediate and profound effects the yoga had – especially on her insomnia.  She signed up as an annual member right away and has practiced almost every day since.

Through the yoga, Tammy has found strength and flexibility she didn’t realise she had and has discovered a community of friends in her fellow practitioners around the globe.  As a teacher, Tammy loves seeing the smiling happy faces leaving the hot room (no matter what faces were being pulled during class!) and seeing that the powerful and energising benefits she herself has felt from the practice are being felt by her students too.

Who/What inspired you to teach?
When I first started Bikram yoga in 2010 I was inspired by some fantastic teachers – Heidi, Ky, Paul, etc – whose styles of teaching really resonated with me.   It didn’t take long to get hooked on the benefits of this yoga; it really does offer a place for you to build on everything: strength, power, flexibility, balance – and two years later I found myself in LA learning to teach.

Favourite posture/sequence?
The balancing series – I love how, no matter how long you’ve been practising, it is always a test of your mental and physical strength.

Post-class pick me up?
Coconut water or an Emergen-C in cold water – does the trick every time.

Guilty pleasure?
Almond butter – not a vice in itself, but I have it in excess!

You know it’s gonna be a good day when…?
You start it with exercise.

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stay happy and healthy!