Sheida has a background as a choreographer and dancer.  Always impulsive – and always with a smile – Sheida came to London originally on holiday and liked it so much she missed her flight back to Spain!  Sheida loves meeting new people.  She likes to challenge herself every day and flows with whatever the universe brings her way.

What’s the best thing about working with HYS?
The HYS environment and the lovely HYS people.

Favourite class and why?
Bikram.  I found it at a really difficult moment in my life and it has been my therapy ever since.  I can’t see my life without it now.  I love Cintra and her ‘find the way’!

Post-class pick me up?
Black Americano – coffee girl!

Guilty pleasure?

You know it’s gonna be a good day when…?
My smile is on full first thing in the morning.

stay happy and healthy!