Paul has only recently joined the Hot Yoga Society team so hot yoga is still a bit new to him, but he’s relishing the chance to get to know more about it, as his big bro, Kirk, is always talking about it.  Before working with HYS Paul  had never done any yoga but now he’s done a few classes he gets why Kirk loves it so much. Paul loves going to gym and keeping fit and adding yoga along side his gym workout definitely mixes things up which is great.  When  he’s not working at HYS, Paul works as a freelance graphic designer, designing things like logos, business cards and marketing material.  One day Paul hopes to open his own design studio.

What’s the best thing about working with HYS?
Getting to work with great staff (including my annoying big bro!) who have welcomed me with open arms, and interacting with our awesome friendly clients is really cool.

Favourite class and why?
Definitely Dynamic Vinyasa because it’s great for building strength and improving my flexibility, which helps with my gym sessions.  Also its not as hot as Bikram yoga which is a plus in my book!

Post-class pick me up? 
Mint bounce ball.

Guilty pleasure?
Chocolate cake.

You know it’s gonna be a good day when…?
When your alarm goes off by mistake and you can go back to sleep.

stay happy and healthy!