Who/What inspired you to teach?
The way my teacher’s lessons helped me to be a better version of myself even outside the class is what made me choose the path of a Teacher.

Favourite posture/sequence?
However…. I love it when there is a complete fusion of body and mind which leads to a place where I no longer feel my body or hear my thoughts.  Instead everything flows and changes naturally without restrictions or resistance.

Post-class pick me up?
My 2 ltr bottle of water, with a whole lime squeezed into it, mixed with a small teaspoon of honey and a third of a teaspoon of himalayan salt!  It picks me up straight away.

Guilty pleasure?
….oh why, oh why… chocolate – I love you so much!

You know it’s gonna be a good day when…?
I find a new technique within my body in my morning training.


stay happy and healthy!