What’s the best thing about working with HYS?
The team and the customers…they make everything feel like a real community – it makes the service happen organically.
It’s not just a place of work.

Favourite class and why?
Favourite class depends a lot on the teachers, so my favourite classes are Ky’s, Michael’s, Sindy’s and Cintra’s. They know when to push me, when to leave me alone (hahaha), and they always inspire me!

Post-class pick me up?
My 2 ltr bottle of water, with a whole lime squeezed into it, mixed with a small teaspoon of honey and a third of a teaspoon of himalayan salt!  It picks me up straight away.

Guilty pleasure?
….oh why, oh why… chocolate – I love you so much!

You know it’s gonna be a good day when…?
I find a new technique within my body in my morning training.

stay happy and healthy!