Mat gained his teaching qualification in Spring 2012.  He recalls his most memorable hot yoga moment:

“I have a memory of teaching a class in Asia in a studio in a high-rise building.  We got to the last part of dandayamana-janushirasana (standing head to knee pose), slowly lower head down, eyes down, head on knee, when a student screamed “Earthquake!”.  However one student stayed in the pose the whole time!!!

Who/What inspired you to teach?
Now that’s a hard question!  I was lucky to have some great teachers in life but ultimately it was my own experience of yoga that led me to teaching.

Favourite posture/sequence?
Second part awkward.

Post-class pick me up?
Well I have to say final Savasana – you should try it!

Guilty pleasure?
I’m not guilty about any pleasure.  I enjoy most things from A to Z excepted S for sushi!

You know it’s gonna be a good day when…?
Normally when it’s over but then it’s too late 😉

stay happy and healthy!