Marina learned about hot yoga after moving to London to pursue a college degree in Civil Engineering at UCL.  Having experimented with yoga in the past, she came across Bikram Yoga online accidently, immediately booked a class and the rest they say ‘is history’.

Hot Yoga made her more efficient with her study and helped her focus.  After graduating Marina took her yoga to another level and completed the 2012 teacher training in LA California.  Teacher training was a life changing experience, not only due to two months of extreme yoga practice under high discipline Bikram Choudhury regime, but also due to the variety of people she had the pleasure to interact with.

Marina claims her Hot Yoga experience has given her a new perspective on life, which she now enjoys sharing with her students.

Who/What inspired you to teach?
Difficult question… There isn’t a single thing or person that influenced this decision but rather a multitude of strangely coinciding events and some brilliant teachers made the idea sprout slowly and eventually grow into an obsession (much to the annoyance of my family and closest friends who were subjected to my constant blabbering about it).  Mostly, it was the fact that at some point I felt I could explain the postures to anyone.  I was painfully wrong!  This is a never-ending learning process.

Favourite posture/sequence?
Changes constantly.  There is one, though, that never qualifies – Awkward pose!

Post-class pick me up?
Uber!  Anything salty or juicy.

Guilty pleasure?
No guilt, just pleasures.

You know it’s gonna be a good day when…?
…the sun wakes me up.

stay happy and healthy!