Lorraine discovered Bikram yoga whilst performing as a professional dancer, keeping up a regular practice to realign her body and sooth aches and pains after punishing studio rehearsals and stage performances. She quickly realised it wasn’t just the physical benefits she enjoyed but also the mental strength and focus she gained.

Who/What inspired you to teach?
Being a dancer I fell In love with yoga as it has strengthened and healed my body and mind time and time again. Through injuries, grief, break-ups, pregnancy… the list goes on!

Many experienced teachers have inspired me throughout the years. If you listen carefully every one has a gem to share. I love the teachers who are able to push you without you even realising…to be killed with kindness! A long time favourite class for me to practise at Hot Yoga Society is Naomi Clark’s.

Favourite posture/sequence?
I love hip openers because mine are so tight…triangle/warrior/lizard/pigeon/cow face!

Post-class pick me up?
A coconut water or watermelon juice with Sushi or Pho noodles…basically anything salty.

Guilty pleasure?
A cold beer with pork scratchings! Don’t judge me I am a Yorkshire lass at heart after all! I’m actually giving them up for Lent.

You know it’s gonna be a good day when…?
My daughter has slept through 12 hours straight and I get to squeeze in some kind of yoga practice…the day is always so much brighter for it!

stay happy and healthy!