What’s your favourite thing about working at HYS?
My favourite thing about working at HYS (apart from the yoga) is knowing that there is always a friendly face that I can connect with.  Not just my fellow colleagues but the clients that come in to practise, some of whom are good friends of mine now.  We all have to work to pay our bills but it is always a bonus that you work somewhere you love and make good friends.

Favourite class and why?
Bikram will always be the foundation of my yoga as that is where my love for yoga all began, but I have a new found love for vinyasa and I love that we have it now at HYS.  It’s important to have a healthy balance of different physical activities, including yoga – it’s always good to mix it up.

Post class pick me up?
My post class pick up varies.  Mostly it’s something cold and wet with some flavour.  Maybe an ugly drink or some really cold fruit.  Or another class/a dance class/a gym session, or a nap for 2 days.

Guilty Pleasure
My guilty pleasure would have to be fried chicken, vodka and chocolate.  Not necessarily in that order.

You know it’s gonna be a good day when…
You get to lie in!

stay happy and healthy!