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Rise and Shine Challenge completed – what motivated them?

Every spring we run our Rise and Shine Challenge and we were delighted that this year we had over 30 of you taking part. The challenge requires you to take a 6.45am class at least once a week for 4 consecutive weeks – no easy feat.

So apart from winning a goody bag, what was it that really motivated our members to take up the challenge and practice early classes?

‘I never thought I would be setting my alarm for 5.45am to go to a yoga class. I thought that it was something that the crazy people did. I’m one of them now.

The biggest challenge for me is negotiating with myself and my partner that I’m going to get up. Once the alarm goes off, I’m disciplined to get up. The hard part is setting the alarm in the first place.

Once I’ve done an early class, I love coming out the studio in the early morning and the whole day is ahead of me. It’s a great way to start the day and if the sun is shining then that’s an added bonus.’ Jason

It is not easy to get up regularly for early morning hot yoga classes – it needs dedication and commitment. However, once you manage to take a 6.45am class consistently, over a month long period, like anything, a habit sets in and it starts to become easier to achieve.

And when you create a good habit, you will start to experience the real life-changing benefits of a consistent and regular early morning hot yoga practice.  Those benefits are endless!

Here are just a few:

  • It promotes better sleep patterns
  • You will feel more alert for the day ahead
  • Starting the day with a full workout and stretch, promotes better health for the day ahead
  • It sets your mental attitude for the day
  • You will be motivated to maintain healthy habits throughout the day
  • You will be encouraged to drink water all day
  • You get your evenings all to yourself, guilt-free!

“I NEVER thought I would be able to manage 4 early classes. I’ve loved how much space there is and how peaceful the room is.  Monday was the only day I could make this week and I just wanted to say I had the BEST start to the week. I would love to think I could make a Monday morning class part of my weekly routine because I have been so happy all day.” Emma

The Rise and Shine Challenge may be over, but if you have never tried an early morning class, maybe you will now feel motivated to do so. With the summer mornings getting lighter, it is that bit easier to get up and out to come and join our growing community of early morning yogis. And maybe that could be you…

‘I have been coming to the early morning classes for about a year and a half and I have to say they have transformed my days! I have this sense of achievement after finishing a class and getting to the office at 9am that keeps me going all day 🙂

‘The main game changer for me in coming regularly has been the preparation – my backpack is ready the night before, all packed up and all I do when I get up is drink a pint of water, have half a banana or some nuts, grab my cooled water from the fridge and I am off…’ Martina

stay happy and healthy!