our studio

The Hot Yoga Society HQ is located in the heart of London Bridge – in the shadow of the Shard and a hop, skip and jump from both London Bridge train station and Tower Bridge.

We’re the largest yoga studio in London, so our busy classes have a great energy about them, while our quiet ones give you loads of space.

Our studio is state of the art, with mechanically engineered heating, ventilations and humidity system to carefully control heat and humidity in class.

The changing rooms have open showers and lockers.

Read on to find out how we make our studio the best hot yoga experience you can get!


We take hygiene very seriously at the Hot Yoga Society. Whilst sweat is our best friend – it’s natural; it’s healthy; it’s what so much of the Hot Yoga Society is all about – we realise it’s not always the nicest thing to leave around!

But… Don’t sweat it (see what we did there?!) When building the Hot Yoga Society studio, Olga, our amazing-architect-turned-brilliant-hot yoga-buff, made sure that the design and engineering give you the cleanest, healthiest and freshest hot yoga experience in London.


Clever things are at play to keep the ‘hot’ in the Hot Yoga Society, and to ensure you have all the clean, fresh air you need.

Multiple sensors throughout the studios evenly distribute heat throughout the room. It’s programmed to 105°F and is incredibly sensitive, so no freezing or frying.

The fresh air is also controlled automatically. If CO2 levels rise above a certain, pre-set level, the system increases fan speeds until it drops to optimum levels. We change the air filters regularly, which means there’s no chance of any smells, dust or pollution getting through.

We also have a purge function: One button allows us to completely refresh the air in the studio, so no breathing in other people’s germs. Our studio also has whizzy mechanical opening windows and plenty natural light.


Our studio is clean and healthy down to our stealth bacteria fighters, Pro-B, a cleaning product made from live probiotic bacteria found in the healthy microflora in our gut. We spray good, probiotic bacteria where smelly, germy bacteria might otherwise thrive.

Pro-B technology uses no harmful chemicals whatsoever. The naturally occurring substances are completely non-toxic, and have been awarded an Allergy Friendly Product Award by Allergy UK. This stuff really is the business.

mat love

Ah, the mats: The faithful oblongs where all the magic happens. They’re thoroughly cleaned with our faithful Pro-B, after every single class. Plus, every towel you hire from us is professionally cleaned to the highest industry standards.

Please feel free to bring your own mat and towels if you prefer. If you’re lucky enough to sweat like an ice cream in July, then go ahead and use two mats, and pretty please, give the floor around you a quick wipe after class.

studio care

We use Flotex flooring, not carpet to keep our floors really clean. Flotex doesn’t absorb liquid, so it really is spotless. This stuff is even used in hospitals.

Our studio is scrubbed, washed and polished every morning and evening, and between classes, our team gets their clean-freak on in the changing rooms too.

To help us help you, come to class clean and fresh: No BO, strong deodorants or smelly yoga gear. If you’re plagued by nasty little foot gremlins, please wear flip-flops and socks until they’re gone, when you can be all free and barefoot again!

Please stay mindful in the changing rooms too. We feel so floaty and peaceful after class, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on, so please stay thoughtful of your fellow yoginis as you get changed.

stay happy and healthy!