Regular hot yoga at the Hot Yoga Society will do wonders for a healthy body and mind…but let’s not stop at that! A balanced, healthy, nutritious diet will take you to a whole new level of goodness, and we’re here once again to give you all the tools you need to get there.

The Hot Yoga Society works with some of the UK’s top nutritionists to offer nutritional workshops and talks, providing our members with all the information they need to further enhance the benefits of hot yoga and adopt an all-round healthy lifestyle.

In 2016, we’ll be holding nutrition workshops nearby to our London Bridge studio. To find out more, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you an update on upcoming events.


how can nutrition work with hot yoga?

Nutrition can support hot yoga by:

  • Avoiding dizziness
  • Maximising fat burn and weight loss
  • Developing lean muscle
  • Boosting energy
  • Aiding detox

Working out what to eat and when to eat it before and after your hot yoga class can be complicated especially if you are going to an early morning or afterwork class. It is important to eat properly if you want to get the best results. In order to work effectively your body needs fuel and you will burn calories more efficiently if you eat before you exercise. Your body need Glycogen to fuel the muscles and if it is not available from food sources then you body will turn to other sources in an attempt to find energy – effectively this means it will draw on your muscle tissue.

Pre-class, you need to eat a blend of carbohydrates and protein, aiming for around 200 calories with around 5-10 grams of protein. Options include: hummus and oatcakes, a bounce ball, eggs, nuts, seeds, almond milk and smoothie with protein. Ideally eat 90 mins before class, if you are going to a 6.30am class then eat as soon as you get up and choose fast releasing carbs like a muesli bar or banana and some nuts.



You will hear your teachers talking about hydration and it is very important that you take note. Dehydration can cost you up to 20% of your strength and performance. You need to regularly top up your water levels throughout the day, you can’t just have a large drink before you come to class because this will cause your body to release even more water due to the anti-diuretic hormone. Your body responds best to slow considered changes when it comes to health.

Remember your body is 80% water and even small imbalances will prevent you from operating optimally. During a class you will sweat a lot and this water needs to be replaced both during the class and after. The goal is to avoid getting thirsty, regular sips of water during class will help this, thirst is the last sign of dehydration. In order to help your body absorb water most efficiently and hydrate the cells you need an isotonic drink that contains some carbs, mineral salts and electrolytes which are lost in sweating. The sachets sold at the studio are helpful in doing this. After class diluted fruit juices or fresh fruit will help replace any lost minerals.

top tips

  • If you are going to a 6.30am class make sure you have big meal the night before containing carbs and protein and ensure you are well hydrated before you go to bed.
  • Within 30 mins after class make sure you eat a carbohydrate based food which will help replenish glycogen levels allowing the muscles to repair and build.
  • It is what you do most days that counts, generally following a good diet with good levels and quality of protein will allow you to achieve optimum performance and feel your best.

Naomi's raw vegan chocolate recipe

Here’s my Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipe! Remember the hotter the country/day use less coconut oil as it tends to melt too easily!

Melt in a Bain Marie using less than 42 degrees so it stays raw & pure Equal Amounts (1/2 cup approx of each makes about 80 small chocs) of Cacao Butter & Coconut Oil.

Stir in 1/2 cup to taste Coconut Blossom Nectar (you can also use Maple Syrup, Agave or even a good raw local Honey) & a pinch of good Salt such as Himalayan Pink.

Add 1/2 cup Cacao Powder until creamy. At this point I like to chant to Ganesha to remove any lumps & obstacles but you can sing Justin Beiber tracks to the mixture if that’s your vibe!  (Optionally) add in half a cup of Lucuma &/or Maca for sweet malty creaminess & extra oomphy vitamins/minerals & stir in vanilla pod (remember to remove it before pouring) to taste.

I like to put a few Gojis/Bee Pollen/Cacao nibs/Cherries into the silicone mould and pour the melted mixture in over the top!

Let it set in the fridge (or freezer if you just can’t wait!) Then pop them out onto a cool plate or container and enjoy. Remember not to eat too close to bedtime unless you plan to stay up all night! 😜

For more recipes, check Naomi website:

past events

Superfoods to compliment your yoga practice with Kate Magic

Sunday 14th May, 3.30pm – 5pm

In this 90 minute talk, Kate Magic will be discussing the best superfoods to complement your yoga practice. How to tailor your daily diet to achieve maximum fitness and energy levels. Kate has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, and has been a hot yoga addict for 6 years. She is passionate about combining yoga with a raw food diet to create exceptional levels of vitality and enthusiasm for life.​

Kate Magic is internationally recognized as a pioneer of the global raw foods movement. She has thrived on a raw vegan diet for nearly 25 years, and raised three children as raw vegans. She is the founder of, Europe’s leading resource for raw food and superfood ingredients, and author of three much loved raw food recipe books. She has been teaching classes on raw foods for 15 years, and travelled to over 20 countries. She worked as consultant chef to London’s newest raw eatery, Rawligion.

Rude Health's breakfast bar

Wednesday 11th May, from 8am

On the 11th May from 8am, Rude Health will be at our studio providing a complimentary breakfast bar with a selection of their organic muesli, granola, fruit, nut milks and snacks for all to try in buffet style. Surely this will tempt you to take an early morning class followed by a yummy breakfast!

raw chocolate making workshop with naomi

Sunday 6th, as part of Big Weekender

Learn how to make Raw Chocolate with Naomi, using Superfoods to enhance your Superpowers! (and yes, you will get to eat some!)

cleanse image pop up.jpg

nutritional talk with press juice

Tuesday 16th February

The Hot Yoga Society has teamed up with PRESS to present to you a nutrition talk that will explain the benefits of cold-pressed juices and the cleansing process.

stay happy and healthy!