What is Bikram Yoga?

Hot yoga is the broad term we use for a range of different posture-based exercises, held in a heated room to around 105°F (40°C). Lasting between 60 and 90 minutes and derived from the traditional Bikram-method, 26 posture sequence, the practice is known to have a range of health benefits when undertaken regularly. The full range of classes can be seen here

I’m new to the studio - what do I need to know?

We recommend you visit our new to hot yoga page, which should answer all the questions you need about getting started!

Why the heat?

The heat warms up your body allowing you to stretch into the postures (asanas) in a safer environment. The combined heat and humidity also promote sweating which in turn flushes toxins from the body. For more on the benefits of hot yoga, click here

I’m on an Intro Offer - can I come to every class?

The 20 consecutive day pass allows entry to every class at the studio including all 90 and 60 minute classes. On your very first visit we recommend that you come to a 90 minute class, but it is not essential. This is because the 60 minute class is a slightly faster paced class. We also ask that you so not participate in the candlelit classes until you have taken at least 3 regular classes. There are plenty of classes to choose from and all classes are suitable for total beginners, however, on your first couple of visits we recommending avoiding the busiest peak evening classes (Monday 6.30pm, Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 7pm).

Do I need to stay in the room for the full class?

We strongly recommend that you stay in the room for the full time of every class! This is really important as the sequence is performed in a specific way to work every part of your body and we want to make sure you get the full workout. Commit yourself to staying in the room for the full class including the final Savasana (relaxation). This is where all the benefits of your hard work take place. The heat can be a big challenge for a lot of people at the start of their practice so don’t try and squeeze all your ambition into one class. Pace yourself and you will do just fine!

Of course if you have to leave, then that’s fine but try not to disturb your fellow yogis and please let your teachers know. This should be an exception, not a regular occurrence. Get your body acclimatised to the heat; don’t run away from it! This can be one of the hardest things to master but once you get it, you will transform your practice.

How do I book additional classes or courses, like mindfulness or nutrition?

You can book through our website here:



Payment for these additional workshops are not included in your class packages

How hot is the room?

The heat varies slightly with different classes, to make each as effective as possible, with more active classes set at a slightly lower temperature. After just a few classes you get used to the heat, which is there to warm your muscles so you can stretch in a safe environment.

Bikram = 40°C / 60% humidity
Yoglow = 40°C / 60% humidity
Warm Vinyasa Flow – 36°C / 60% humidity
Warm Power Pilates – 36°C / 60% humidity
Capoeira – 36°C / 60% humidity

Why do you only offer the 20 day intro offer to new members?

All newcomers start on our intro offerwhich entitles you to attend an unlimited number of classes in 20 consecutive days. We want to encourage you to come to plenty classes in your first 20 days because one class will not give you an understanding of what hot yoga is all about. It takes a while to get used to the heat and to start focusing on the sequence of postures. We strongly recommend coming at least 4-5 times in the first 20 days to give yourself a chance to get used to it. That said, some people come every day which is great! If you only did one class, you will not experience just how wonderful this yoga can be! The intro offer is the cheapest way to do this. With a little determination and commitment you will reap all the benefits.

The pass starts on the date you first take class and not the date of purchase and is only available to new members . The intro offer also entitles you to special discounts on your first pass after the intro offer expires. You can buy the intro offer here

Will hot yoga keep me fit, is it cardiovascular & can I lose weight?

Yes, yes, yes! Whatever your fitness level you will find hot yoga challenging in a very positive way

(that’s why so many people come back for more). The postures (asanas) combine strength, flexibility and balance to give you a total body workout. As with other forms of cardiovascular exercise, regular practice will also aid weight loss. For more on the benefits of hot yoga click here

What are the benefits of hot yoga?

There are many! For a detailed list, click here. In the meantime, you should know that hot yoga:

  • Provides total body workout
  • Helps sport (and other) injuries
  • Improves posture
  • Eases back pain
  • Increases flexibility and strength
  • Reduces stiffening of joints
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Detoxes and cleanses
  • Relieves tension
  • Relaxes the body and mind

What if I've never tried yoga before?

Hot yoga is for everyone. Each class is open to beginners and follows the same format whether it is your first class or whether you have been practising for many years. It does not matter how well you do each posture, only that you try the right way.

Are there any studio rules I should be aware of?

Good question! Make sure you read our Tips Before Class before your first visit.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have showers and hairdryers. The changing rooms are small and are meant for a quick change.

How busy are classes?

Our evening classes on Monday – Wednesday get really busy and so we strongly recommend booking these classes in advance. In these classes, you will be positioned closely to other students so be prepared to get sweaty with those around you! The humidity and energy in these classes is incredible. We strongly suggest that new members start with the quieter classes first and avoid these peak times during their intro offer.

What if I'm not flexible?

All the more reason to come to hot yoga! You will be amazed how quickly your flexibility can improve and the heated room provides a safe environment to do this.

Do I have to be fit?

Hot yoga is designed for all levels of fitness, but if you have special medical conditions or injuries, please consult your doctor first. We ask that you inform your teacher of your ailment before class.

Am I too old?

No! Our members range across all ages! You can push the postures as far as you like and, if anything, our members come away saying they feel younger. So if you’re feeling old, there’s even more reason to try!

Can I practise if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant and want to come to a regular Bikram Yoga class, you must first email olga@hotbikramyoga.co.uk to discuss suitability.

Can I bring my children to class?

Children aged 14-16 can practise a full class with the consent of their parent or guardian, as long as they are accompanied by a practising adult.  If you wish to bring a child (aged 14-16) to practise please contact  olga@hotbikramyoga.co.uk  in advance of coming to class.

How do I book?

We recommend that you book your class online to avoid disappointment. If you are a new member please arrive at least 20 minutes before class. Don’t forget to read our booking terms and conditions

How long do the classes last?

Each class lasts either 90 or 60 minutes. All classes are suitable for absolute beginners and more advanced students alike, so just make sure you take your first few classes nice and easy and you will start enjoying all the amazing benefits this wonderful yoga has to offer in no time at all.

What if I am late for class?

Whilst we are willing to allow our customers to arrive (a little) late, we do not encourage this, and we need to be mindful of, and respect, other yogis who arrive on time. With this in mind, you will not be allowed into class after the end of the initial breathing exercise even if you are signed in, changed and raring to go. Please note, this policy also applies to 60 minute classes where there is only one set of breathing.

Do I need to drink a lot before and after class?

You are going to sweat a lot so it’s important to keep the water flowing. We should all try and drink at least 2 litres of water every day. We recommend you drink 1/2 litre of water an hour before class – enough to keep you hydrated during class but not so much that you feel bloated during the postures. In the class itself, after the initial warm-up postures, you should sip water between postures whenever you need to. After class, it’s also really important to get those lost electrolytes back into your system as well. We sell a variety of isotonic tablets and sachets at our reception as well as refreshing coconut water which is a fantastic and completely natural isotonic drink.

Some of our regulars find that drinking a mixture of Himalayan pink salt and 2-3 squirts of lemon juice in their water before and after class can really help with hydration.

Should I eat before class?

Not directly before class. It is recommended that you eat no heavy food 1 to 3 hours before class as all the compression postures aren’t much fun while your body’s still digesting! For more on your diet and nutrition, click here

What should I wear?

You are going to sweat so try and avoid loose clothing. Women normally wear sports tops and bottoms. Men normally wear shorts with a T-shirt or sports top being optional. Please do not wear underwear as outerwear and always be decently covered. And remember, white clothing when wet reveals all!

What do I need for class and are there lockers?

You will need:

  • Towels x 2 (1 for class and 1 to shower)
  • Bottle of water
  • Yoga mats are provided for free (although some people bring their own)

We also rent towels and sell water and yoga mats. We have lockers for your use. You can bring your own padlock or buy one from reception for £5.

Is it important to learn from a certified instructor?

Yes. All of our teachers are highly trained in their respective areas. For more on our teachers, click here

What's the difference between your 90 and 60 minute class?

The 60 minute class follows the same sequence of postures as the 90 minute class and every posture is included. However, the shorter class is generally faster moving and some of the second sets of the postures are missed out, mainly in the floor sequence. Many people find that the shorter class can be more challenging due to the faster pace.

I'm totally new, can I come to a shorter class?

Yes, newcomers are permitted to practise a short class on their first visit. However, we recommend coming to a 90 minute class on your first visit but it is not essential. This is to allow you to familiarise yourself with the postures in a 90 minute class before you try the faster moving shorter classes.

Are shorter classes cheaper?

We sell a cheaper drop-in (1 class) pass for our shorter classes. However, this is always going to be the most expensive way to practise and therefore if you intend to come regularly we recommend you buy one of our other packages. We are keen to keep things simple and as most people prefer to use our packages to attend a mixture of shorter and longer classes we don’t sell packages for cheaper classes only.

stay happy and healthy!