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Busting those Hot Yoga Myths, we chat to Olga

Hot yoga is only for the flexible, the heat is unbearable and you have to be practically naked in class – want the facts and not the “alternative facts” about hot yoga? Then read on as Olga explains….


Myth 1 – yoga is only for people who are really flexible

How many times have I heard “I can’t come to yoga, I am not flexible!”? That is the whole point of coming. Our hot yoga classes at Hot Yoga Society are perfect for complete beginners and if you are not flexible, all the more reason to come to class. Very quickly you will see your flexibility improve and the heat will help you become more flexible than you thought you could ever be.


Myth 2 – hot yoga takes place in unbearable heat

Our studio is heated to around 40 degrees. This is a perfect heat to warm your muscles and allows you to stretch in a safe environment. After only a few classes you will get used to the heat and your body will start to crave it. The studio is humid too,  so you will sweat, which further helps to stretch your body. It is important to try at least 3 classes in the first 2 weeks to give you body a chance to acclimatise. After that, there is no looking back!


Myth 3 – you can only do hot yoga if you don’t mind being practically naked

As it is hot, participants will sweat in class. That is why they tend to wear less clothing than in other classes! When you try a class make sure you are in clothing that feels comfortable to sweat in. Most women wear leggings or shorts and a vest top or crop top. Men wear shorts and t-shirts are optional. But please no white shorts! They do go a little transparent once you start sweating!


Myth 4 – you have to be able to meditate to do a yoga class

To begin, a yoga class will be a very physical exercise as you are learning the postures (asanas). Meditation takes years to learn and you certainly do not need to be able to meditate to practice yoga. But, over time, as your yoga practice continues, you will start to be able to focus more on your breath and let your thoughts be a little more still. This is the beginnings of a meditation practice which, hopefully you will all experience and benefit from.


Myth 5 – a yoga class is really complicated to follow especially if you are new

Hot Yoga Society classes are predominantly Bikram method classes. That means they all follow the same sequence. This yoga sequence is a beginners class – that doesn’t mean it is easy, it is a challenging sequence, but every posture is accessible to complete beginners.  As most of the classes follow the same sequence, very quickly, after only a few classes or weeks, you will start to learn it and then you will be able to see your body changing and your postures improving.


Myth 6 – yoga gets you flexible but does not help with weight loss

Hot yoga classes will help aid weight loss or weight gain – whichever your body needs. It is a full body conditioning and cardiovascular class in the heat. If you need to lose weight, with a regular practice, you will certainly see those changes happen.


Myth 7 – you have to practice yoga daily to benefit from it

We recommend you come once or twice a week minimum to benefit from the yoga. The more you come, the quicker the benefits will take place but even once a week is great. The key though is consistency. Make sure you book that regular weekly slot.

As with all exercise, practice is key.


Myth 8 – if you practice yoga, doing other sport will un-do the good work you have done in yoga

We believe that yoga will support you in all other forms of exercise that you do. You will improve flexibility, prevent or aid injuries with yoga and your body will thank you for the stretch and the quiet time in the yoga space. This is a perfect balance and will certainly prolong your ability to perform other sports or exercise.


Myth 9 – you need to do beginners specific class on your first visit

Every class we offer at Hot Yoga Society is perfect for complete beginners. That way, you can choose any class on the schedule and don’t need to come to a specific beginners class first. We ask everyone to take it slowly to begin and to try at least 3 or 4 classes in the first couple weeks to get used to the sequence and practicing in a warm space.


Myth 10 – Only women practice yoga. And only slim 20 year old women.

At Hot Yoga Society 40% of our members are men. And in every class you will see people of all ages, shapes and sizes stretching together. There is no ‘typical’ yoga body when you practice with us. Everyone will be supported and made to feel welcome in our classes from complete beginners with no flexibility and multiple injuries, right through to advanced yogis. Never too old, never too late to start a yoga practice with us.

stay happy and healthy!