Will there be an opportunity for London Bridge clients to use the Canary Wharf studio and vice versa?

Yes! One of the many benefits to being a BYL member is that you will have two studios to choose from! It may take us a few weeks to integrate the two operations, however, memberships will be offered that allow the ability to practise at both locations, giving you additional flexibility and class options to choose from!

Will there be any physical changes at the London Bridge studio?

We are aiming to undertake a brand ‘makeover’ at London Bridge to bring it in line with the look and feel of our Canary Wharf  location, while retaining the original character and energy of your studio. Dates will be announced in November, and we are hoping (based on contractor availability) to have the actual redecoration conducted in December to provide minimum disruption to the class schedule. Once the transition is complete, the London Bridge studio will operate under the BYL brand, and the HYS website will be redirected to the BYL site where everyone will be able to view studio news, class schedules, memberships, and much more for both the London Bridge and Canary Wharf studios.

How does this affect my Canary Wharf or London Bridge membership?

During a transition period for a few months, the London Bridge studio will continue to trade as Hot Yoga Society, as it transitions over to the BYL brand. Whether you’re a member at London Bridge or at Canary Wharf, simply continue using your existing passes at your current studio. We are currently planning that new ‘passport’ memberships allowing for practise at both studios will be offered to everyone, while pricing structures and packages will be integrated with Canary Wharf’s existing offers.

Will there be changes to the classes or schedule?

In the coming weeks and months, we plan to offer new class packages, schedule options that offer our exciting range of hot yoga styles, yoga retreats, seminars and much more. Just one lovely feature of joining two studios is the potential to introduce some of each studio’s most popular styles to both locations! We truly want the schedule of offerings to inspire you, and naturally, to work for you.

As always, we will be welcoming your feedback and are always available to speak with you. We wish you an amazing Autumn ahead!

stay happy and healthy!